Selected Publications

Latin American perspectives on Indigenous social work: in search of mind, body, and soul

AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples

(Forthcoming 2022)

SAGE Publications. 


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Critical Perspectives on Social Work and Social Policy Practice with Vulnerable Migrants in an Era of Emergencies

Social Policy Review 34 (2022)


Bristol University Press.


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Challenges in making school social work a reality in Brazilian schools

International Social Work (2021)


SAGE Journals​.



The management (or lack thereof) of COVID-19 in Brazil: implications for human rights and public health

International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare (2020-2021)

Emerald Publishing.


Book Review: Mary Mee-Yin Yuen, Solidarity and Reciprocity with Migrants in Asia: Catholic and Confucian Ethics in Dialogue

Asian and Pacific Migration Journal (2021)

SAGE Journals​.



Gender-Awareness amongst Brazilian Children Enrolled in Primary Education: Implications for Women’s Rights & Equality

Géneros: Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies (2020)

Hipatia Press.


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The Role of Rights-Based Social Work in Contemporary Latin American Diasporas: the Case of Venezuelan Migrant Children

Journal of Human Rights and Social Work (2019)

Springer Nature. 


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​Indigenous Rights, Necropolitics and the 'Daily Genocides' of Brazil’s Native and Traditional Peoples

In "Língua(gens), Literaturas, Culturas, Identidades e Direitos Indígenas no Brasil"  [Language, Literature, Culture, Identities, and Indigenous Rights in Brazil] (2021)

BAGAI Editora.


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Health care access by transgender persons in South Africa: gender-based discrimination, human rights violations, and the role of the African human rights system

Under review

Journal Health and Technology

Forthcoming 2022.

Link to the pre-print:

Human Rights and Sustainability vis-à-vis the Norwegian Oil Industry: An Early Assessment of Greenpeace Nordic and Others Against Norway

Link to the pre-print:

Under preparation

Why Europe Needs an Antifascist Social Work Education: A Critical Appraisal

Public Management, Populism, and the Evidence-Policy Gap:
A Case Study of Brazil (2019-2022)

Climate Change and Green Social Work: An Ecosocialist Critique

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