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Selected publications

Publications I (in English)


Peer-reviewed journal articles


31. da Luz Scherf, E. (Forthcoming 2024). Anti-Racist Values in Portuguese Baccalaureate Social Work Education: A Content Analysis Study. Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Social Work Values and Ethics. Publisher: IFSW.


30.  da Luz Scherf, E. (Forthcoming 2024). Discriminatory practices in healthcare affecting Sexual and Gender Minorities in South Africa: implications for health and human rights. Journal of Health Management. SAGE Journals.


29.  da Luz Scherf, E. (2023). Latin American perspectives on Indigenous Social Work: In search of mind, body, and soul. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 19(1), 155–165.


28.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Viana da Silva, M. V. (2023). Brazil’s Yanomami Health Disaster: Addressing the public health emergency requires advancing criminal accountability. Frontiers in Public Health, 11, 01–05.


27. da Luz Scherf, E., & Viana da Silva, M. V. (2023). Oil giant, climate savior, or somewhere in between? Human rights and the Norwegian climate paradox. International Journal of Public Law and Policy, Online First.


26. da Luz Scherf, E., Alves Lima Zanatta, M. de, Viana da Silva, M. V., & Da Silva, J. E. (2022). Health Care Access by Transgender Persons in South Africa: Gender-based Discrimination, Human Rights Violations, and the Role of the African Human Rights System. Journal Health and Technology - JHT, 1(4), 01–22. 


25.  da Luz Scherf, E. (2021). Challenges in making school social work a reality in Brazilian schools. International Social Work, 66(2), 590–596.


24.  da Luz Scherf, E., Viana da Silva, M., & S. Fachini, J. (2021). The management (or lack thereof) of COVID-19 in Brazil: implications for human rights and public health. International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, 14(2), 158-174.


23.  da Luz Scherf, E., Alves Lima Zanatta, M. de L., & Tumenas Mello, E. (2020). Gender-Awareness amongst Brazilian Children Enrolled in Primary Education: Implications for Women’s Rights & Equality. Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies, 9(1), 25–50.


22.  Viana da Silva, M.V, da Luz Scherf, E., & da Silva, J.E. (2020). The Right to Data Protection Versus “Security”: Contradictions of the Rights-Discourse in the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD). Revista Direitos Culturais [Cultural Rights Review], 15(36), 209-232.


21.  Viana da Silva, M.V., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2020). Dream the impossible dream? An ecosocialist account of the human right to a healthy environment. Direito Ambiental & Sociedade [Environmental Law & Society], 10(2), 35-60.


20.  Zanatta, M.L.A.L., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2019). The Role of Rights-Based Social Work in Contemporary Latin American Diasporas: The Case of Venezuelan Migrant Children. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 4(4), 238-247.


19.  da Silva, J.E., da Luz Scherf, E., & Viana da Silva, M.V. (2019). In Tech We Trust? Some General Remarks on Law in the Technological Era from a Third World Perspective. Journal Juridical Opinion, 17(25), 107-123.


18.  Souza, I.F., Leme, L.R., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2018). Creating bridges between international relations theory and international human rights law: constructivism and the role of Brazil in the Inter-American system of human rights. Brazilian Journal of International Law, 15(3), 179-197.


Book chapters


17.  da Luz Scherf, E. (2022). Critical Perspectives on Social Work and Social Policy Practice with Vulnerable Migrants in an Era of Emergencies. In Andy Jolly, Ruggero Cefalo, and Marco Pomati (Eds.), Social Policy Review 34, Bristol University Press/Policy Press, UK (pp. 134-157).


16.  da Luz Scherf, E., Viana da Silva, M.V., & da Silva, J.E. (2021). Indigenous Rights, Necropolitics and the 'Daily Genocides' of Brazil’s Native and Traditional Peoples. In T. Ribeiro Teles (Ed.), Língua(gens), Literaturas, Culturas, Identidades e Direitos Indígenas no Brasil [Languages, Literature, Culture, Identity, and Indigenous Rights in Brazil] (1st ed., pp. 172-180). Curitiba: BAGAI.


15.  da Luz Scherf, E. (2018). Manaus' massacre as a result of the crisis in the Brazilian penitentiary system: an analysis in the light of international human rights law. In A. Jobim do Amaral et al (Eds.), Anais do 8º Congresso Internacional de Ciências Criminais – PUCRS [Proceedings of the 8th International Congress on Criminal Sciences – Global Criminology Section], Vol. 3 (1st ed., pp. 121-140). Brazil: Tirant lo Blanch.


Book review


14. da Luz Scherf, E. (2020). Mary Mee-Yin Yuen, Solidarity and Reciprocity with Migrants in Asia: Catholic and Confucian Ethics in Dialogue. Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 29(4), 553-555.


Publications II (in Portuguese, all titles have been translated)


Peer-reviewed journal articles


13.  da Luz Scherf, E., Viana da Silva, M.V., & da Silva, J.E. (2021). A Few Considerations on Human Rights in the Biotechnological Era: Normativity Versus Dignity. Revista Direito e Justiça: Reflexões Sociojurídicas, 21(41), 195-210.

12.  Viana da Silva, M.V., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2020). Advances and Challenges in Implementing Public Policies for the Protection of the Social Rights of Older Migrants in Brazil. Revista Eletrônica da Faculdade de Direito de Franca, 15(1), 215-228.

11.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Viana da Silva, M.V. (2020). "The Canadian Citizenship is a Privilege, Not a Right": Migration and Securitization in the Promised Land. Interfaces Brasil/Canadá | Brazilian Review of Canadian Studies, 20, 1-36.

10.  Viana da Silva, M.V., da Silva, J.E., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2020). The Role of the Canadian Supreme Court in Defending the Rights of Migrant Persons: Subverting the State of Exception by the Routes of Judicial Activism. Journal of Contemporary Public Law, 1(2), 85-110.

9.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Viana da Silva, M.V. (2020). Child Migration and International Relations: Theoretical Neglect versus Child Protagonism. Revista Relações Internacionais no Mundo Atual, 28(3), 269-297.

8.  Viana da Silva, M.V., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2020). The Justiciability of the Right to Education in the Inter-American System of Human Rights: A Possible Way Out for the Dismantling of the Brazilian Public Education System?. Revista Humanidades & Inovação, 7(7), 350-367.

7.  Zanatta, M.L.A.L, & da Luz Scherf, E. (2019). Child Migration and the United Nations Regime for the Protection of Human Rights. Caderno de Relações Internacionais, 9(17), 105-134.

6.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Zanatta, M.L.A.L. (2019). Human rights and corporate social responsibility in the context of international commerce: the Barrick Gold miner and sexual violence against women in Papua New Guinea between 2006 and 2010. Revista Vertentes do Direito, 6(1), 161-181. 

5.  de Oliveira, A.C.D.C., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2019). Rights-Based Social Work as a Tool for Realizing the Human Rights of Venezuelan Migrant Children in Latin American Countries. Revista TOMO, 34, 241-286.

4.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Milindre Gonzalez, R. (2018). Civil society and the fight for the recognition of fundamental liberties during peace negotiation processes: lessons from the civil war in Sierra Leone and the Lomé Peace Accord. Conjuntura Global, 7(2), 170-188.

3.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Milindre Gonzalez, R. (2018). Forced migration and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar: Rohingya – no territory, nation, or rights. Revista de Iniciação Científica em Relações Internacionais, 5(10), 37-73.

2.  de Souza, M.C.S.A., & da Luz Scherf, E. (2017). Business Management Towards Sustainable Development: The Dialogue Between Climate Change and Human Rights. Revista Jurídica da Escola Superior do MP-SP, 12(2), 68-86.


Book chapter


1.  da Luz Scherf, E., & Rocha Leme, L. (2019). A theory of international justice for whom? Failures in the restrictive concept of human rights in Rawls’ The Law of Peoples. In M. Leal & A. Custódio (Eds.), Fundamentos Constitucionais das Políticas Públicas [Constitutional Foundations of Public Policy], Vol. 1 (1st ed., pp. 186-198). Brazil: EDUNISC.



Manuscripts submitted or under review


  1. da Luz Scherf, E. (Re-submitted March 2024). Addressing Diversity and Anti-Racism in the Social Work Undergraduate Curriculum in Portugal: A Qualitative Pilot Study. Under review in Social Work Education: The International Journal (Publisher: CSWE).


  1. da Luz Scherf, E. (Submitted December 2023). Immigration Policy as a Social Determinant of Health among Brazilian Immigrants in the United States: A Narrative Review. Under review in Health Care Analysis (Publisher: Springer).


  1. da Luz Scherf, E. (Submitted March 2024). Green Social Work and the Climate Emergency: A Brief Exploration of the Ecosocialist Critique. Submitted to Transformative Social Work (Publisher: University of Calgary, CA).



Under preparation


Edited book


5. da Luz Scherf, E., & Baikady, R. (Eds.). Global South Narratives on Global Social Problems: Exploring Alternatives to a World in Crisis. Phase: Book Proposal Under Revision. 




4. Naseh, M., da Luz Scherf, E., Tutlam, N., and others TBC. Migration Integration Policies as Social Determinants of Health Among International Graduate Students in the United States (provisional title). Phase: Data analysis and writing up.


3. Gill, S., & da Luz Scherf, E., and others TBC. Experiences of Racism and Discrimination Among Afro-Latinx Patients in Primary Care Settings: A Scoping Review (provisional title).

Phase: Manuscript conceptualization and PRISMA protocol development.


2. da Luz Scherf, E. International and Comparative Social Work Research in Latin America: Tapping into the Untapped Potentials. Phase: Writing up.


1. da Luz Scherf, E. Hunger, and Climate (In)Justice in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges for the Social Work Profession in an Era of Intersecting Emergencies.

Phase: Manuscript conceptualization.

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