Selected Publications


Critical Perspectives on Social Work and Social Policy Practice with Vulnerable Migrants in an Era of Emergencies

Social Policy Review 34, 2022


Bristol University Press/Policy Press 

The management (or lack thereof) of COVID-19 in Brazil: implications for human rights and public health

International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare, 2021

Emerald Publishing

Challenges in making school social work a reality in Brazilian schools

International Social Work, 2021


SAGE Journals

Gender-Awareness amongst Brazilian Children Enrolled in Primary Education: Implications for Women’s Rights & Equality

Géneros: Multidisciplinary Journal of Gender Studies, 2020

Hipatia Press

Book Review: Mary Mee-Yin Yuen, Solidarity and Reciprocity with Migrants in Asia: Catholic and Confucian Ethics in Dialogue

Asian and Pacific Migration Journal, 2021


SAGE Journals

The Role of Rights-Based Social Work in Contemporary Latin American Diasporas: the Case of Venezuelan Migrant Children

Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 2019

Springer Nature 


Latin American Perspectives on Indigenous Social Work: In Search of Mind, Body, and Soul

Forthcoming in


AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples


(Sage Publishing)

Accepted for publication in 30 August 2022.

Under review

Health care access by transgender persons in South Africa: gender-based discrimination, human rights violations, and the role of the African human rights system

Journal of Health Management,  Submitted in February 2022


SAGE Journals

Under preparation

Human Rights and Sustainability vis-à-vis the Norwegian Oil Industry: An Early Assessment of Greenpeace Nordic and Others Against Norway

Submitted for review at Tilburg Law Review in September 2022

Ubiquity Press Limited

Public Management, Populism, and the Evidence-Policy Gap:
A Case Study of Brazil (2019-2022)

Under preparation for submission to Evidence & Policy


Bristol University Press